Humanitarian Project in Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala - October- November 2018

Santa Cruz del Quiche is the capital of the Quiche department, just 19 km north of Chichicastenango, or 163 km. from Guatemala City. The population is mostly Maya. They suffered tremendously during the civil war from 1960 to 1996.

Hermana Esperanza, who is from Quetzaltenango is the Principal of the Catholic school “Colegio Nuestra Senora del Rosario”. Sister Esperanza sent us an invitation to provide free dental treatment to people in need from Santa Cruz and the surrounding villages.

Canadian Dental Relief International (CDRI) accepted this invitation, thus a group of four dentists and four assistants/volunteers arrived in Santa Cruz del Quiche on October 21st. evening at the Rosario school to set up the clinic. The personnel at the school were exceptionally helpful. We set up our equipment and dental supplies on the school theatre. It worked perfectly!

On Monday, October 22nd we started working at 8:00am. We stopped for lunch between 1:00pm and 2:00pm and then continue working until 4:30 or 5:00pm for the next two weeks.
The humanitarian project was a great success!.
We were able to performed free dental treatment on 452 people, children and adults. From those 452 patients, we performed 322 restorations, 2 root canals and 172 extractions (14 surgical).

Hermana Esperanza plus the personnel at the school and all the patients were very happy with our services. They wish we could go back on another dental project soon! One of the local dentists, Dr. Karol Brol supported us with a dental chair, as well as with some dental supplies.

CDRI appreciates all the helping out from the community of el Quiche. Special mention to our initial contacts, Daniel and Patricia Rehak, as well as Boni and Sara who work at the school and invited us to their houses after work to experience life as a local in Guatemala.

Our group during this project were: Dr. Rolf Kreher, Dr. Brian Eckert, Dr. Ramon Humeres, Dr. Stuart Robertson, Maureen Black, Francine Couture, Sandra Trepte and Helmut Trepte.

CDRI was invited to provide free dental services to people in need from the community of
Santa Cruz del Quiche in Guatemala.

We thank all volunteers who supported and helped with the organization of this  humanitarian project: 
Colegio Nuestra Señora del Rosario   -    Hermana Esperanza Sanchez Cortez
Danny and Patricia Rehak  -  Personnel from Rosario School

Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala -
Report by Dr. Rolf Kreher - October 2018

Diploma and Embroidery given to CDRI members
 by Rosario school personnel to show their appreciation for CDRI free dental services
given to the people from Quiche

Invitation letter from Santa Cruz del Quiche