Humanitarian Project in Rapa Nui
Easter Island, Chile

 Our latest project in Rapa Nui, in October 2019,
was an outstanding success!

The expectations were surpassed! We examined 631 patients and performed 907 different treatments on them. These included 1226 dental surfaces of composite and amalgam restorations; extractions, simple and surgical; several root canal therapies and over 45 periodontal treatments.

            We took care of a sector of the population that had very limited access to dental services, many of whom had not been able to see a dentist in years.

            Patients who received treatment were very happy and thankful.
They commented how impressed they were from having all the treatments they needed in one or two visits. It also called their attention how respectful and kind was everyone in the CDRI team.

            Canadian Dental Relief International was invited to do a humanitarian project in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) by its Mayor, Mr. Pedro Pablo Edmunds and Angeles Castaño, a Lawyer who works hard for the well being of RapaNui people.

            The director of the island’s hospital, Mr. Juan Pakomio welcomed us to work in an area
of the hospital and designated a hospital dentist, Dr. Carolina Bravo to oversee the project. 
The Hanga Roa hospital allowed us to use their x-ray and sterilization systems as well as provided us with lunch during our working days. We are very thankful for their friendly attitude and general support (including a ride early every morning from our cabins to the hospital)

            CDRI volunteers are very satisfied with the success of this humanitarian project.
It took an extraordinary amount of paper work to be able to volunteer and bring our equipments and dental supplies to RapaNui through Santiago, Chile.
Fortunately everything went according to plan and we were able to provide free dental services to over 600 hundred people in the period of two weeks. The RapaNui people showed us their appreciation for our work and dedication with gifts of beautiful sea shells or moai necklaces, fruits, flowers, food, dances, singing, dancing shows, warm hugs and nice comments.
It was an extraordinary experience!

CDRI was fortunate to count with 10 clinical volunteers from Canada, Dr. Matthew Kreher,
Dr. Ramón Humeres, Dr. Emilie Thibault, Dr. Brian Eckert, Dr.Rolf Kreher,
Francine Couture, Georgette Kreher, Timothy Mckay, Sarah Kreher and Maureen Black.
We were also complimented with Dr. Rodrigo Alvarez and Dr. Sebastian Villa, volunteers from Chile.

The Rapa Nui project would not have been possible without a number of people that donated their time and expertise. They are all too numerous to name here,
but among them  Angeles Castaño (who took care of all the paperwork and logistics in Santiago and RapaNui), Gina Pakarati (who worked every single day together with CDRI volunteers and guided us during our free time in the island, plus logistics), Maureen Black (who worked on paperwork and logistics from Canada), Jean Pakarati and her family (who donated the cabins where we stayed during the humanitarian project).
Their family and friends welcomed us to their houses, prepared food, gifted us with dances, songs, treated us to watch shows, even gifted us with free dinner at their family restaurants,
took us to their national parks, etc. 
The Mayor of the island offered a farewell party and local artists gifted us with their beautiful art. We feel grateful!

             We would like to thank the people of Rapa Nui for opening their hearts to us
and for making us feel like family.

We would like to thank the following people
for their help and support:

Angeles Castaño, Abogado Gestor y Enlace de Proyectos de Desarrollo Comunitario

Gina Pakarati, Guia de Turismo Rapa Nui y voluntaria proyectos comunitarios

Dr. Rodrigo Alvarez, Dentist in Santiago, Chile

Dr. Sebastian Villa, Dentist in Santiago, Chile

Jean Pakarati, Cabañas Pumakari

Pedro Pablo Edmunds, Major of Rapa Nui

Juan Luis Pakomio, Hanga Roa Hospital Director

Elsa R. Escárate Morales, Jefe Oficina Provincial Isla de Pascua, Seremi de Salud Región Valparaíso

Nelson Calderón Ibaceta , Dirección Regional Aduanas Metropolitana

Sebastian E. Molina Medina, Ministerio Relaciones Exteriores

Ana San Martin, Unidad de Relaciones Internacionales y Cooperación, Instituto de Salud Pública

Kenneth Pugh Olavarria , Senador Región de Valparaíso
Pascal De Smet , Jefe de Gabinete – Region de Valparaíso

José Luis Durán, Coordinador Asuntos Internacionales, Ministerio de Salud

Marcos Correa Letelier , Consulate of Chile in Toronto

Constanza Figueroa Sepúlveda, Embassy of Chile in Canada

Dr. Mario Tapia, Dentist in Santiago

Dr. Carolina Bravo, Dentist in Hanga Roa Hospital, overseen CDRI humanitarian project

Mahina Rapu Tuki, volunteer community projects in RapaNui

Population of RapaNui

We also would like to thank everyone who donated funds, dental supplies and equipment, some of them are:

Manny and Dr. C. Dhillon

Danny and Patricia Rehak

Fred Zander and Steffi Khunhert-Zander

Jaeyeob Maeng

Kathy Johnson

Whitney Miller

Martin Franklin

Beth and Greg Skala