Humanitarian Project in Rapa Nui
Easter Island, Chile

CDRI is proud to have been invited to participate in a humanitarian dental project for the people of Rapa Nui.

We will be offering free dental services for the most needed of the island's community.

The project will run from October 14th to 25th 2019.

We are excited to have five dentists participating this time:  Dr. Brian Eckert, Dr. Rolf Kreher, Dr. Ramon Humeres,
Dr. Emilie Thibault and Dr. Matthew Kreher.
We will also have the support of our invaluable volunteers, Maureen Black, Francine Couture and Georgette Kreher.
We are delighted to be joined also by Sarah Kreher and
Tim MacKay.

We thank our main contact in Chile, los Angeles Castaño, as well as the Major of Rapa Nui, Pedro Pablo Edmunds Paoa for sending us an invitation. Also, all the personnel from the hospital in Rapa Nui and several Dentists, Doctors and administrators who facilitated the paperwork needed for this project.