Humanitarian Dental Project in Honduras,
 December 2017

We are very excited to share with you our next humanitarian project in December 2017
to Jesus de Otoro and Copan in Honduras.

We will provide free restorative, endodontic and surgical services for these communities. There are 7 dental volunteers that will spend 10 days working in these villages. The need is great and there is little relief for the poor in these communities. Our past experiences have shown us that we can treat over 60 people daily, many with multiple restorations and extractions. The work is complimented with oral hygiene instruction and the distribution of free dental hygiene products.

 We encourage you to donate to this humanitarian project, over 95% of your donation goes directly
to the project to benefit the less fortunate of Honduras.

With your donation we will be able to buy the dental supplies needed to provide oral health to the underprivileged people in Honduras, since we take all the equipment and dental supplies required to restore and treat dental conditions.

 Thanks once again!


Humanitarian Project to Honduras suspended! Unfortunate news for volunteers and people in need from Honduras.

On December 2nd. 2017 our dental volunteer group had planned to travel to Honduras to provide free dental services and teach for 2 weeks in a rural area around Jesus de Otoro.

One day prior to our departure to Honduras we learned of the political crisis over there, which effectively closed airports, blockaded roads, imposed military curfews and produced rioting by disgruntled citizens over the election results.

We received news from one of our volunteers, who had arrived a week earlier in Honduras, that it was unlikely we would even be allowed to leave the airport and drive to the destination village. As it turned out, our flight to San Pedro Sula in northern Honduras was cancelled by the airline -- our contact volunteer managed to cross the border into Guatemala to return to Canada from there.

Needless to say it was not the outcome we had expected and was very disappointing to the local people who were anticipating our help.

CDRI will evaluate the possibility to still go on with this humanitarian project in Honduras in 2018; yet, it will look into other awaiting projects in case Honduras does not become stable soon enough.