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Humanitarian Projects

C.D.R.I. has been  in Ecuador three times, once in Bolivia, three times in Guatemala, once in Dominican Republic, Thailand and Easter Island.
The doctors and volunteers work for an average of 10 days, full time, to be able to provide  dental services and hygiene instruction to as many people as possible. Also, this provides time to train local health workers in diagnosis and treatment of emergency problems in the community.

Ester Island, Rapa Nui
In October 2019 CDRI travelled to Santiago, Chile and from there to Ester Island to provide free dental services to the isolated population of this island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We are happy to report that this humanitarian project was a success, 631 people were seen by 7 volunteer dentists and their assistants during a period of 10 working days. We thank everyone involved in developing this project. Patients are happy and healthier.

Santa Cruz del Quiché, Guatemala
In October 2018 CDRI travelled to Santa Cruz del Quiché, Guatemala for two weeks to provide free dental services to people in need, who could not afford to visit a dentist. The campaign was a success with 452 people seen, 322 restorations, 2 root canals and 172 extractions.

Mae Sot, Thailand
During August/September 2015, C.D.R.I. offered free dental services to refugees from Burma (Myanmar) in the Thailand border city of Mae Sot. Dental services were provided using the facilities of the Mae Tao Health Clinic for Burmese refugees, as well as two visits to rural schools on this border area. C.D.R.I. personnel is happy to have helped alleviate the big need of dental health for so many refugees.

Salinas, Ecuador
During April 2014, C.D.R.I. provided free dental services, over 900 visits to about 500  children from the surrounding impoverish area of Salinas in Ecuador. Also, free instruction was given to local newly graduated dentists to improve their skills and leave a lasting positive effect in the dental health of the community.

Piñas, Ecuador
In  2011  C.D.R.I. was in Piñas, Ecuador. This time we provided free services to many disabled children from isolated communities. The portable equipment and supplies were carried on trucks every morning to tiny communities hidden in the mountains.

Dominican Republic                                                   Through the humanitarian project in Dominican Republic (2005), the doctors and volunteers provided free dental services to people from the extremely poor "Batays". These are communities of Haitian refugees whose only source of income is working in sugar plantations. 

Guatemala                                                                        Twice in Guatemala (2004, 2007), free dental services and teachings to health providers from the region were given to people from a well organized self-sufficient community called Nuevos Horizontes near the area of Flores, Petén. During one of the projects it was possible to include a dental technician with the group who taught local technicians how to make dentures for the older population.

Bolivia                                                                                    In 2001 Dr. Kreher and Dr.Yung under very precarious conditions took care of the dental needs of an isolated community in the Altiplano of Bolivia.